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Unforgettable Tours

You could just sightsee. Or you could discover the real Florence with one of the special tours arranged by us, around you. We’re happy to book you a regular tour of Florence. But we’d rather create something uniquely special for you.

Our local connections and knowledge of Tuscany at Peruzzi Urban Residences are the key to exceptional, memorable experiences.

We’re happy to suggest or organize all kind of tours in Florence and in the Chianti Region, giving you a taste of our art, culture, history, cuisine, local crafts and fashion.

We can arrange customized itineraries that grant you privileged access and inside views normally denied to other holidaymakers or travelers.

Whatever your wish, Peruzzi Urban Residences is the ideal starting point to explore Florence. Contact us to make your stay unforgettable and unique!

Discover more about the places and people that fire your imagination.