Authentic Experiences

Your authentic Tuscan holiday begins at the Peruzzi Urban Residences. We offer almost limitless opportunities, with unique and privileged experiences arranged by us, around you.

Why simply follow the tourist trail? We can take you closer to genuine culture, hidden history and real lifestyle experiences: in Florence, at our wine estate, around the Chianti region or further afield in Italy.

We offer a range of activities and opportunities to match your interests and aspirations. Try the epicurean delights of wine-tasting or a culinary masterclass at our wine estate, or a personalised guided tour of Renaissance architecture and art. Perhaps a customised tour of Chianti’s charismatic villages. Or a private, peaceful after-hours visit to Florence’s finest museums and galleries.

Whether you’re seeking simple pleasures or a once-in-a-lifetime treat, our concierge service will arrange it all. Here’s just a taste of what you can enjoy: